This article is about getting your home ready to sell. As a real estate broker and home inspector I have compiled 5 common items that should be addressed before placing your home on the market.

1. Electrical issues. Check the whole house for worn or outdated systems. Home owner or non-electrician additions are the most common electrical defect. Especially in older homes. Problems with any part of the electrical system require immediate attention.

2. Plumbing issues. Typical plumbing issues we find are homeowner repairs or additions. Any plumbing issues requiring attention should be resolved by a professional plumber. Leaking pipes can cause severe damage to the structure. As well be very costly to repair.

3. Drainage issues. Proper lot grading is paramount and should be considered when buying a house. Poor lot drainage could lead to standing water in the crawl space or basement. Puddles of standing water around the home are a tell-tale sign the lot is lacking drainage. Another red flag for evidence of water in the crawl space is a sump pump.

4. Minor structural damage. Too many times I see cut trusses or floor rafters. Typically done to accommodate a new HVAC duct, water line, or garage door opener. I believe contactors cut truss members or floor/ceiling rafters dues to lack of workmanship or laziness. Ever walk into a home and feel the floor is sagging? This is 95% of the time due to someone cutting a structural member in the home.

5. Basic maintenance. Every home requires maintenance, especially on the exterior. Exterior systems of a home include siding, roofing, windows, gutters, and plant maintenance. Twice yearly these items should be inspected by the homeowner and maintained as necessary. Keep window trim caulked and sealed. Plants grow, and should be monitored and cut back to never touch the home. Plants or trees touching the home invite all sorts of bugs and creatures to enter/eat the home. Keeping the roof clean will prolong its life.