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Start your new career as a home inspector. Classes offered, Fundamentals of Home Inspection 120 hours + 40 hours of field training.


Fundamentals of Home Inspection

site tech home inspection school

Washington State requires home inspectors to complete 160 hours of training before you can apply for a license. The training consists of 120 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of field training.

Site Tech Home Inspection School is led by active home inspectors. Our coursework is provided in partnership with InterNACHI and the National Home Inspector Examination book.

Students attending our school receive a FREE 6-month membership to InterNACHI and 30 days trial membership to HomeGauge (report writing software).

Site Tech Home Inspection School’s mission is to provide high-quality training to our students ensuring a successful career as a home inspector.

Upon Completion of this course graduates will:

  • Understand Washington’s home inspection industry
  • Know how to complete a home inspection
  • Know how to write a report
  • Setup your business structure
  • Use report writing software
  • Recognize and report on residential construction materials and defects
  • Know which equipment to use
  • Recognize defects around a residential home
  • Pass the home inspectors exam

Tuition Costs

120 Classroom Hours – $3000

40 Field Training Hours – $1000

(Cash or Check, a 3% fee will be added for credit cards)

$500 deposit to reserve your seat*

(*The $500 deposit to reserve a seat in the Fundamentals of Home Inspection course is nonrefundable.)

How to get your license


  1. Get educated & receive training
  2. Submit an exam application
  3. Take the Home Inspectors exam
  4. Apply for your Home Inspectors license

1. Get Educated & Receive Training

To fulfill your education requirements:

  • Take a Washington State Home Inspectors Board-approved, 120-hour Fundamentals of Home Inspection course.
  • Mentor with an experienced home inspector for 40 hours of field training and 5 actual inspections.

2. Submit an Exam Application

To submit your Home Inspector Exam Application:

  • Complete the Home Inspector Examination Application
  • Include with your Exam Application your Certificate of Completion from a Washington State Home Inspectors Board-approved Fundamentals of Home Inspection course (photocopies accepted).
  • Mail your Exam Application and Certificate of Completion to:

Home Inspectors
Department of Licensing
PO Box 9021
Olympia, WA 98507-9021

After you submit your Exam Application, you will receive:

  • An Exam Approval Letter/email from our testing vendor indicating that your application is complete and providing you with information to schedule your exam, including your Assigned ID# for our testing vendor.


  • A letter/email from us requesting additional information so we can process your application.

3. Take the Home Inspectors Exam

The Home Inspectors Exam fee is $300 payable when you schedule your exam.

To schedule and take your exam:

  1. Visit our testing vendor’s website to schedule your exam.
    1. Select “Real Estate” as the category.
    2. Select “Washington Home Inspector Program” as the program.
    3. Select “Schedule/Apply for this Exam” and provide the required information, including your Assigned ID# to select your desired testing site.
  2. Take the exam at the testing site you choose. Please bring your photo ID to the testing site.

You will receive your exam results (Pass/Fail Report) as you leave the testing center.

If you fail all or part of the exam, you must wait 24 hours after your exam before scheduling to retake it with the exam provider. There are no restrictions regarding the number of attempts. Beginning January 1, 2018, there is a 30-day waiting period between each examination attempt.

You must pass the applicable portion(s) within your two-year eligibility period before applying for a license.

The cost to retake the exam is:

  • $125 for the state portion
  • $250 for the national portion

Note: It is to your benefit to review the Home Inspector Examination Candidate Handbook( prior to taking the exam.

4. Apply for Your Home Inspectors License

To apply for your Home Inspectors License:

  1. Complete the Home Inspector License Application
  2. Include with your License Application:
    1. Your State and National Pass/Fail Reports from the exam provider (photocopies accepted).
    2. A check or money order for the $680 licensing fee, made payable to the Department of Licensing.
  3. Mail your License Application, Pass/Fail Reports, and fee to:

Home Inspectors
Department of Licensing
PO Box 3917
Seattle, WA 98124-3917

After we evaluate and approve your License Application, we will process your application in our licensing system and mail your license to you.

CALL 253-268-6640 for class schedule and dates.

Site Tech would like to meet with each student before class begins to talk about the industry and expectations for the Fundamentals of Home Inspection Course.