The other type of home inspection.

There is another type of home inspection becoming very popular, a pre-listing home inspection. Typically, a standard buyer’s home inspection takes place at the beginning of a transaction once agreement and terms has been made. The buyer has 10 days (or shorter is in a highly competitive market) to complete the inspection and return their inspection response to sellers.

Savvy home sellers are figuring out that if they have their home inspected before they go live on the market they can find defects and have those defects remedied before a buyer sees them.

Pre-inspecting a home shows your home is an open book. Sellers can show potential buyers the pre-inspection report in two ways.

1. Post the pre-inspection report on for the buyer to download. A sign is placed in the seller’s yard that reads, “Move-in Certified, inspection report available at

2. The seller’s real estate broker can attach the full inspection report on to the multiple listing service under supplements. That way, as soon as the buyer shows interest in the home, their real estate broker can download the pre-inspection report and deliver it to the buyer.

Can save sellers money in the long run. If a home is listed and a buyer’s home inspector finds a major defect, this can result in huge profit losses for the seller. When the buyer found the house online, then toured it, they are filled with excitement. Offer is placed. Contract is mutual. Then boom, all that wind is punched out of buyers sails due to a defect with the home they were excited about. This could result in a loss of a ready and willing buyer, or a renegotiation of the purchase price. Or seller must scramble to hire contractors to solve the issue during the transaction process. Typically, seller is also shopping for a new home while their home is on the market. Who wants to deal with repairs while trying to make a large purchase and get excited about a new home?

Highlight your home’s assets. Pre-inspecting your home before selling will accentuate the good parts of the home. A home inspection is equivalent to a bill of health. Do you buy a used car without seeing the Carfax report? Why buy a used home without seeing a full, detailed report?

Reduce the negotiation process. Having your home pre-inspected with the inspection report available to potential buyers reduces the negotiation process and can shorten the transaction. Sometimes, if the buyer is satisfied with the pre-inspection report and can see repairs have been made they will not choose to have the home inspected again. This does two things;

1. Can shorten the whole transaction process by 10 days. Which, in a competitive market can give the buyer an advantage over other buyers wanting to take advantage of a 10-day inspection contingency. If the seller needs to be out quickly, they are more likely to choose the offer that closes sooner, even if the offer is lower than the competition.

2. Saves the buyer the cost of hiring their own home inspector.

Justify your position in the market. Having your home pre-inspected will set you apart from other sellers in your area. Shows that you as a seller are prepared and you understand what you are selling. Also, that you are making attempts to sell a ready to move in home. Even if defects were found, sellers can now show buyers they have fixed these issues. Nothing is hidden, no defects are concealed, any issues found have been resolved and the house is ready for a new family to call home.

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